Sunday, March 5, 2023

Baby FAQ

Dear all,

We welcomed our second baby girl Sona Rane on 25 January. All of us are doing good and recovering well. Thanks to the staff of North York General Hospital who took care of us and thanks to all the well wishes/generous gifts  from the well-wishers.

In last few weeks we have been receiving some common questions, hence I thought about creating this FAQ to make communication more efficient. 

Just for fun ☺️! Remember to take these questions with a sense of humor and enjoy the craziness.

Q: How is the baby doing?

A: Baby is doing fine, baby's parents not so fine.Well, let's just say the baby has already mastered the art of keeping us on our toes and running on no sleep. But other than that, they're doing great!

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Q: Do you get any sleep?

A: Sleep? What's that? Oh, you mean those 20-minute naps between feedings and diaper changes? Yes, I'm an expert at those!

Q: "Did you forget how to change a diaper already?"

A. No, but I did forget how tiny their little bums are! It's like trying to diaper a peanut.

Q. "Have you given up on ever having a clean house again?"

A. Oh, absolutely. We've just decided to embrace the mess and call it "rustic charm." 

Q. "Do you think your second child will be the one to finally sleep through the night?"

A. Well, we're hoping that the second child will teach the first child how to sleep through the night. 

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Q. "Have you already started planning your third child or are you stopping at two?"

A. We're thinking of starting a family band, so we might need a third member. But until we can convince our current two children to pick up instruments and start practicing, we're putting the idea of a third child on hold.

Q: Is your first child excited to have a new sibling?

A: I tried asking her, she threw a chewed up orange at me, I guess that means she is excited ?

Q: Have you already picked out your favorite child?

A: Yes, but don't tell the other one! Depends on who is throwing the tantrums!

Finally some pics here: